Academy of Management Journal – Publishes only empirical articles in all areas of management. About 20% of all articles published are international in scope.

Academy of Management Perspectives – It is the practitioner journal of The Academy of Management and as such it seeks to provide practicing executives with relevant management tools and information. Less than 10% of the articles published are international in scope.

Academy of Management Review – This is a theory development journal for management and organization scholars. AMR publishes novel, insightful and carefully crafted conceptual articles that challenge conventional wisdom concerning all aspects of organizations and their role in society. About 15% of the articles are international in scope.

Academy of Marketing Science Review – Publishes articles relating to consumer and marketing behaviour, and marketing theory worldwide.

Accounting, Organizations & Society – Publishes research involving behaviour, organizational and social aspects of accounting, human resource management, namely the aspects of the relationship between accounting and organizational behaviour in topics such as the social role of accounting, social accounting, social audit and accounting for scarce resources.

Administrative Science Quarterly – Publishing theoretical and empirical research advancing the study of organizational behaviour and theory. ASQ publishes both qualitative and quantitative studies and purely theoretical manuscripts in areas such as organizational behaviour and theory, psychology and social psychology, and strategic management. About 25% of the articles published are international in scope.

Advances in International Accounting – Journal focused on the advancement of accounting practices and related disciplines from an international perspective, as well as how differing global accounting standards affect the reporting of multinational corporations.

Advances in International Management – This is primarily an outlet for international management researchers whose goal is to advance the cross-national study of organizations and management.

Advances in International Marketing – It is a publication outlet for high-quality scholarly contributions in the field of international marketing.

American Economic Review – This journal focuses on economic issues, publishing a number of articles and shorter papers on economic subjects. E-AER is the electronic web edition of the American Economic Review.

Australian Journal of Management – This journal publishes management research in its broad sense.

British Journal of Management – The journal includes a full range of business and management disciplines. It publishes empirical research as well as interdisciplinary articles. About 35% of the articles published are international in scope.

Brookings Papers on Economic Activity – With a focus on economics, this journal presents extensive research on economic development.

Business Horizons – Publishes original articles of interest to academicians and business practitioners. The articles range widely over many management areas.

California Management Review – Focuses on three main areas: Strategy & organization, Global competition and competitiveness, and Business and public policy.

Chazen Web Journal of International Business – Publishes research papers, interviews, and event and conference reports produced by students at Columbia Business School.

Columbia Journal of Transnational Law – This journal is devoted to furthering scholarship and understanding in the field of transnational law.

Competition & Change – It features articles that use social science perspectives to develop understanding of the broad business issues around globalization and its impact on economic organization and policy frameworks.

Critical Perspectives on International Business – This journal supports critically reflexive discussion of the nature and impact of international business activity from trans- and multi-disciplinary perspectives.

Cross Cultural Management – This journal is dedicated to providing a forum for the exchange of cross cultural management research. It accepts both qualitative and quantitative research that advances our knowledge of cross-cultural management issues.

Culture and Organization – This journal represents the intersection of academic disciplines that have developed distinct qualitative, empirical and theoretical vocabularies to research organization, culture and related social phenomena.

Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law – Seeks to provide information on all law fields, with a specialization in international issues such as corporate governance, human rights, and environmental issues. It is known as one of the best periodicals concerning international law.


Econometrica – Publishes articles in all branches of economics – theoretical and empirical, abstract and applied, providing wide-ranging coverage.

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice – The ET&P is a leading journal in the area of entrepreneurship, providing theoretical and practical knowledge for academicians, businesspersons, and government policy makers.

Family Business Review – This is a journal dedicated to family-owned firms, and as such it focuses on issues such as family financing, regulations, tax planning, and managerial behaviour.

Global Finance Journal – Seeks to advance applied research in global finance, and emphasizes the integration of theory and practice to encourage readership in both business and academia.

Harvard Business Review – Worldwide known, HBR focuses on improving the practice of management and its impact on a changing world. A more practitioner oriented journal.

Harvard International Law Journal – One of the most prominent reviews of international law in the United States. It addresses topics in international, comparative, and foreign law, as well as the role of international law in U.S. courts and the international ramifications of U.S. domestic law.

History of Political Economy – It focuses on the history of economic thought and analysis, the historical background behind major figures in the history of economics, the interpretation of economic theories, and the methodologies available to historians of economic theory.

Human Resource Development International – This journal promotes all aspects of practice and research that explore issues of individual, group and organisational learning and performance.

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management – A refereed journal in engineering management. It often includes articles that are international in scope.

Industrial Marketing Management – This journal provides knowledge for marketing managers, executives, and professors through in-depth case studies.

International Business Review – A journal that has a broad scope in international business, publishes research that include: empirical studies with practical application; examinations of theoretical and methodological developments in the field of business studies; and reviews of the literature in international business.

International Finance – It seeks to analyze the connection between economic policies and the world market, including research related to the areas of exchange rates, corporate finance, fiscal policy and overall market behaviour.

International Journal of Electronic Commerce – It focuses in the understanding and practice of electronic commerce, including issues such as the marketplace and organizational use and effects of electronic commerce, Internet business models, economics of electronic commerce, and marketing and selling on the Web.

International Journal of Emerging Markets – Seeks to attract theoretical and empirical management research in emerging markets and in a comprehensive disciplinary and geographical perspective.

International Journal of Human Resource Management – This is an outlet for HRM scholars and professionals worldwide, focusing on the expanding role of strategic human resource management in a global environment, future trends in HRM, strategic management, international business, organisational and personnel management.

International Journal of Industrial Organization – This journal focuses on the analysis and discussion the regulation and organization of firms at the international level. It looks at how different restrictions and events that affect firms change the way both they and the market as a whole will perform.

International Journal of Operations & Production Management – It focuses on the management of systems in academic institutions and in industry.

International Journal of Production Research – This journal publishes research focusing on production and manufacturing issues, such as manufacturing strategy, policy formulation and evaluation, and the contribution of technological innovation.

International Journal of Research in Marketing – This journal focuses on the developments in marketing theory and thought and on communicating the results of empirical research to those active in the field.

International Marketing Review – It focuses on contemporary ideas in global marketing, delivering research based on empirical studies.

International Studies of Management & Organization – The articles published include several areas of management.

International Trade Journal – Publishes research in international trade, international finance and related fields, and also include significant conceptual or theoretical contribution to the broadly delimited fields of International Business and Finance.

Journal of Advertising – This outlet seeks to contribute to the development of advertising theory, namely focusing the relationship that advertising has economically, politically, socially, and environmentally.

Journal of African Business – It aims to provide policy makers, business persons, and academics information on the business environment in Africa. It looks at the current issues of the African continent from many different perspectives.

Journal of Applied Psychology – It focuses on applied psychology, and primarily with research that foster an understanding of the psychological and behaviour phenomena of individuals, groups, or organizations in settings such as education/training, business, government, health, etc. Sample issues include personnel selection, performance measurement, training, work motivation, job attitudes, eyewitness accuracy, leadership, etc.

Journal of Business – This journal examined emerging trends and fast-changing concerns faced by domestic and international business communities.

Journal of Business Research – This journal focuses on analysing various business decisions, processes and activities within the actual business setting.

Journal of Business Venturing – This journal publishes research dealing with: entrepreneurship, new business development, industry evolution, and technology management. Each year the journal has one issue devoted to non-U.S. authors or topics.

Journal of Consumer Psychology – Publishes empirical research, namely that conducted in the laboratory or in field experiments, that contribute to develop theory and understand the consumer judgments, decision processes, attitude formation and change, reactions to advertising and consumer information processing.

Journal of Consumer Research – A marketing-oriented journal, it focuses on research describing and explaining consumer behaviour, with topics ranging from micro-level processes to more macro-level issues.

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization – It focuses on the relationship between the human thought and nature and the decisions and behaviour that affect the economy as a whole. Essentially, a paper should deal with the more human side of economics.

Journal of Economic Perspectives – This outlet seeks to publish research that: combines different pieces of economic research, creates a present day method of economic though, and suggests a direction for future economic research.

Journal of Economics & Management Strategy – It focuses on economics and management, but it also offers applications to accounting, finance, and other disciplines. It also includes new managerial strategies that apply both innovative management techniques and traditional micro and macro economic concepts.

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis – It publishes theoretical and empirical research in financial economics, in topics such as corporate finance, investments, capital and security markets, and quantitative methods of particular relevance to financial researchers.

Journal of Global Marketing – It focuses on the marketing challenges, opportunities, and problems encountered by firms, industries, and governments on a global scale. The foundation of this journal is on comparative marketing studies and marketing case studies on individual countries, regions, and industries.

Journal of Industrial Economics – It publishes industrial economics related research, including organization of industry and applied oligopoly theory, product differentiation and technical change, theory of the firm and internal organization, and regulation, monopoly, merger and technology policy.

Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation – This journal publishes articles covering all areas of international accounting including auditing, taxation and management advisory services.

Journal of International Business Studies – It is the leading IB journal and the official publication of the Academy of International Business. It publishes theoretical and empirical studies in international business.

Journal of International Consumer Marketing – Its focus is on international marketing. It is practitioner-oriented, including applied marketing studies on marketing policies and strategies on a world scale.

Journal of International Economics – A leading journal that focuses on theoretical and empirical research in all areas of international economics, including topics such as trade patterns, commercial policy, international institutions, exchange rates, open economy macroeconomics, international finance, international factor mobility.

Journal of International Management – This journal is focused on advancing an understanding of issues in the management of global enterprises, global management theory, and practice. It accepts theoretical and empirical studies.

Journal of International Marketing – It is oriented primarily to the practitioners and educators. This journal seeks to advance international marketing practice and theory.

Journal of International Money and Finance – Oriented to finance and economics, this journal publishes theoretical and empirical research in international monetary economics, international finance, and the overlap area between the two.

Journal of Management – This journal publishes articles about the various areas within the field of management.

Journal of Management Studies – This journal publishes articles (empirical, theoretical and practical applications) pertaining to organization theory and human resource management.

Journal of Marketing – This publication focuses research on all aspects of marketing, including information on marketing needs and trends, new techniques for solutions to marketing problems, new theories and illustrations of marketing thought and practice.

Journal of Marketing Research – This journal focuses on marketing research, and the industry’s newest techniques, methods and applications.

Journal of Multinational Financial Management – Its articles deal with the management of the multinational enterprise, with a focus on International Business, Economics and Finance.

Journal of Operations Management – It seeks research on operations management and supply chain management.

Journal of Political Economy – It publishes analytical, interpretive, and empirical research in monetary theory, fiscal policy, labor economics, planning and development, micro-and macroeconomic theory, international trade and finance, industrial organization, and also in interdisciplinary fields of the history of economic thought and social economics.

Journal of Product Innovation Management – Publishes studies on management practices.

Journal of Retailing – Publishes research in retailing, consumer behaviour, retail strategy, marketing channels, location analysis, the marketing mix, merchandise management, store and operations management, store atmospheric issues, and retail services.

Journal of Small Business Management – This journal focuses on small business management and entrepreneurship, including topics on the issues faced by small businesses and entrepreneurs in multiple countries.

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science – The leading journal of the Academy of Marketing Science publishes research in marketing.

Journal of World Business (Formerly CJWB) – Publishes articles in the domains of international business strategy, human resource management and marketing.

Long Range Planning – Seeks articles that attempt to influence theehaviour of managers and executives. The journal tries to bridge that gap between the academic community and practitioners.

Management International Review (MIR) – This journal is devoted to international management and business research: International Business, Transnational Corporations, Intercultural Management, Strategic Management and Business Policy.

Management Science – A leading outlet that publishes research on the problems, interests and concerns of organizational decision-makers.

Multinational Business Review – This journal focuses on research and case studies in contemporary issues in international business.

New York University Journal of International Law and Politics – It publishes research on international legal topics, including diverse topics in both public and private international law.

Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business – This journal focuses on the analysis of transnational legal issues as they affect the private sector, as it seeks to promote the understanding of international legal developments.

OMEGA – The International Journal of Management Science – This journal publishes research in many areas of management and marketing.

Operations Research – A leading journal of the operations research community.

Organization Science – A leading journal that publishes research in all areas of management – from such fields as organization theory, strategic management, sociology, economics, political science, history, information science, systems theory, communication theory, artificial intelligence, and psychology.

Organization Studies – It is a multidisciplinary management journal that focuses on organization theory, aiming at better our understanding of organizations, organizing, and organization between societies.

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes – A leading journal in the field that publishes research in organizational behaviour, organizational psychology, and human cognition, judgment, and decision-making. Sample topics covered by the journal include perception, cognition, judgment, attitudes, emotion, well-being, motivation, choice, and performance.

Organizational Dynamics – Publishes primarily research on organizational behaviour and development, but also on human resource management and strategic management. It accepts both theoretical and practical content and combinations of the two to highlight the impacts that research findings have on businesses.

Personnel Psychology – The journal publishes research dealing with human resources problems such as selection and recruiting, training and development, job analysis, performance appraisal and feedback, compensation and rewards, legal issues, labor relations, work attitudes, motivation, and leadership.

Production and Operations Management – It publishes research in Operations and Supply Chain Management and aims to be the flagship journal concerning operations management in manufacturing and services. It covers topics in product design, operations, and supply chain management.

Quarterly Journal of Economics – It publishes research in all topics of economics. This is the oldest professional journal of economics in the English language, edited at Harvard University’s Department of Economics.

RAND Journal of Economics – It publishes research in the behaviour of regulated industries, the economic analysis of organizations, and more generally, applied microeconomics. It accepts theoretical and empirical manuscripts, mainly in economics and law.

Review of International Economics – It publishes research in several areas of the field of international business and economics, in such topics as multinational firms, environmental laws, commercial policies, exchange rates, trade theory, and a variety of other topics.

Review of World Economics – (a.k.a. Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv) With a primary focus on International Business, Economics, Finance, this journal looks at the movements in the world economy and how they affect international business, trade law, exchange rates, and other issues.

Scandinavian Journal of Management – This journal publishes articles on the broadly defined field of management to increase our knowledge of management theory and practice.

Sloan Management Review – It publishes research on management – theory and practice – seeking to advance the understanding of significant trends in management.

Small Business Economics – Mainly an entrepreneurship-oriented journal, it focuses on studies of the role of small and medium-sized businesses in global economies.

The International Journal of Accounting – This journal seeks to advance the understanding of accounting theory and practice from an international perspective.

The University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Economic Law – It publishes articles oriented to the field of international economic law, namely with a comparative focus.

The World Economy – It focuses on research pertaining to international trade and the overall state of the world market, but also includes research on developing economies and their progress towards development.

Thunderbird International Business Review – This journal publishes research in the broad global business discipline, including articles on topics such as globalization, cross-cultural negotiations and emerging market opportunities.

Transnational Corporations Journal – A referred journal published by the UNCTAD. Publishes research that gives insights into the economic, legal, social and cultural impacts of transnational corporations and the policy implications. It focuses especially on political-economy issues related to transnational corporations.

World Development – A journal of developmental studies in many areas, seeking for new ways to improve the general human condition.

Yale Journal of International Law – This journal publishes articles pertaining to international law and policy.